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Thank you for your product.  I had three tobacco users in my house prior and now everyone has been tobacco free for a year and a half...:)

Posted By: Suzzane L


My last cig. was 10-21--12.  started on 24mg, now at 12mg.  As long as MySmox is there, I will not smoke cigs again.  Very pleased with price and service.  Have tried other brands,  NOT AS GOOD AS SMOX.

Posted By:  Anne M


Smox is the only brand --and I have tried many--that gives me satisfaction without smoking regular cigarettes. I had to quit smoking after dr. found a cancerous nodule in my upper left lung. 1/2 of my upper left lung removed. It will be 2 years in sept. Early stage 1. It has been 2 years this past July that I have had a regular cigarette. Thank goodness for Smox!!! The only brand I would ever smoke. You will not be disappointed. Just like a real cigarette!




Product: SMOX
Posted By: N/A


I am very happy with all your products. I still recommend your products to my family and friends. I tell them about the excellent quality of the products, value and terrific customer service. Thanks again.

Product: SMOX
Posted By: Chad L.


Great battery!!!

Product: SMOX Premium Battery
Posted By: N/A
Long life battery, I love the new look with the diamond tip!!!


GREAT VAPOR!!! These new cartomizers ROCK!!!

Product: Smox Premium Electronic Cigarette Cartomizer 5-Pack
Posted By: N/A
I was scared when Smox was changing their cartomizers, really liked the flavor of the old ones. But..these new ones are alot smoother in flavor, no sweet taste like other brands, and tons of
VAPOR!! These are comparable if not better in vapor than another company who markets their product as having extra vapor. LOVE IT!!!



Product: Smox Premium Electronic Cigarette Cartomizer 5-Pack
Posted By: N/A
The Smox cartomizer gives me the same satifaction as when I was smoking 'real' cigarettes.. As a smoker of over 55 years I had NO withdrawal symtoms and have now cut the nicotine from 18mg to 0mg Menthol.. You have to try it...


Great product and service

Product: Electronic Cigarette Refill Cartomizer Liquid
Posted By: Capt. Carl
My first order failed to show up after a couple weeks so I requested an update from SMOX. Jeff got right back to me and agreed to send me another order. Both orders arrived two days later (one postmarked exactly the day I ordered it and Jeff confirmed it was sent. Great doing business with this stand up company! They backed up their customer satisfaction pledge and I will be taking advantage of their great prices from now on! Thanks Jeff!!


Refill liquid

Product: Smox Premium Electronic Cigarette Cartomizer 5-Pack
Posted By: San
I've been using this e-cig for a couple years and am very pleased with it! I now just use the refill liquid instead of buying new cartridges. This e-cig has lots of vapor and great "throat hit!" I highly recommend it! I've had friends that have used other e-cigs and are not real happy with them. I always suggest the SMOX one to them :)


40 year smoker

Product: Smox Premium Electronic Cigarette Cartomizer 5-Pack
Posted By: cheryl
I have smoked cigarettes for 40 years. I wanted to quit for a long time but couldnt.I bought the starter kit And quit smoking 3 months ago.I am so grateful for your product.Now I am healthier, my house smells good, and Im so glad I dont have to stand in the cold smoking cigarettes, I was paying $50 a week for a carton of cigarettes.


Almost like the real thing

Product: SMOX Premium Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
Posted By: N/A
I have been smoking full flavor cigarettes for a long time now; I was given the smox starter kit for Christmas & have been using it instead of cigarettes to good effect. The only problem I have is that the cartridges can only be re-filled four times: I found this out the hard way... burning cotton.

The regular flavor is good compared to other e-cigs I have tried; kind of a smokey-caramel taste & the full strength refill fluid can give me a little head rush like a real cigarette, however I do wish they had a stronger refill mix... I still crave the full effect of a real cigarette.

Although there are some obvious pro's to smox compared to real cigarettes:

-you can smoke almost anywhere (you get some weird looks / comments when using it in non-smoking areas)

-it is cleaner than cigarettes: no ashes, smoke, burns, or butts.

-you don't need to buy refills all the time; it lasts for quite awhile before needing more juice or cartridges.

-it is cheaper over the long run than buying cigarettes every few days.

-and of course it is healthier since you are not inhaling a cocktail of carcinogens & other chemicals.

All and all if you intend to quit smoking or heavily cut back, I would consider smox a good alternative; I have not bought cigarettes since I bought it which is a pretty big deal for me.


Smox the Competition

Product: SMOX Premium Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
Posted By: Randall
True story... I started my E-Cig voyage about 3 months ago, I have been thru numerous brands and dont like to through them under the bus but here it goes.
-21 Century- Just like smoking air you get nothing...Junk
-Envy- Battery cuts off before you even get a hit..Junk
-Blu- they where ok, but heavy and not enough vapor... 3 stars
-E Joy-This is another one that doesnt do much vapor, doesnt taste good and heavy..2 stars

Needless to say I was about to give up on e cigs period cause ive spent hundreds on kits that are complete junk, until one day my buddy told me about SMOX. I took one drag off his and was purchasing a kit that day. These ECigs are by far the best. I am disappointed I didnt find out about them earlier. Im going on 3 days without a cig. Tons of vapor production, lightweight, batteries last a long time and refillable. I must say, this ECig SMOX THE COMPETITION!!!!


Best one I've tried so far.

Product: Smox Premium Electronic Cigarette Cartomizer 5-Pack
Posted By: tom
Ive tried crown 7, century 21 and Njoy and they don't even come close to Smōx.

Long lasting battery, great throat hit and tons of vapor.

No cigs in 4 month! Great product guys



Product: SMOX Premium Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
Posted By: Chris
I was using another brand 3 weeks ago and my friend let me try his. It was a Smox and couldn't believe the differnce. I just got mine today and man this thing is great!

Thanks to the customer service guy I spoke to, very helpful.


Heavy Cigar Smoker Quit After Using Smox

Product: SMOX Premium Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
Posted By: Brian (27 Year Air Force Vet)
I used to smoke 4 large "J.R." brand cigars every day. Tried to quit cold turkey, nicotine gum and patches, and drug called Chantix. None of them worked. I then tried smox, and although it is a bit different than a cigar, on day #2 I found it very enjoyable. I am now pushing 30 days of being cigar-free, and no longer have cravings for cigars. I use Smox often during the day and am now down to 18 mg nicotine refills, from 24 mg. I plan to drop to 12 mg in the near future and stay there indefinitely. I don't plan to stop using Smox because I enjoy the fix I get from the nicotine (similar to coffee fix for me). Highly recommended!